My name is Tereza and I am the main guide and owner of New Leaf Panama Ecotours. I was born and raised in Panama, I am part of the last generation of "zonians", or people that lived in the Canal Zone when the Americans were here. I lived all over the world, but decided to return to Panama because I missed it so much.

I want to share the beauty of Panama, it's biodiversity, fascinating history, and give travelers insider local tips so they can get the most out of their trip. I have a degree in Anthropology, so my tours focus on the culture, ecology, and history of Panama. My parents were anthropologists and lived deep in the Darien rainforest for 7 years with an indigenous community, so I maintain a very close relationship with their extended family in a located only an hour from the city!

We are a Certified Tour Agency by the ATP (Panama Tourism Authority) and comply with all local laws, certifications, and insurance.

Occasionally, I will contract other guides to help with big groups, custom trips, educational experiences, birdwatching, and more! As a female Panamanian owned and operated business we support the female guide community in Panama, with a focus on equality, sustainability, and paying fair wages to guides, and the local and indigenous communities we visit.

Every traveler is welcome on our tours and we strive to provide an informative, safe, and fun day with each tour. Join us in exploring Panama, its culture, beauty, and history.

Below is a photo of me with some beautiful, smart, strong members of the indigenous community we visit.

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