El Cano Archeological Park

El cano is one of Panama's most important archeological sites. Only recently, in 2011 it was confirmed that the civilization is from the Pre-Colombian period (400 and 900 AD), and is one of the most populated one in Latin America during this time with one of the most highest state of cheifdom culture.The first people that met the Spanish in Panama, according to records, where the Nata people If you are into archeology and culture, this is a MUST SEE! Gold artifacts were found in an uncovered grave, many made it on the cover on National Geographic! You can observe them up close at the museum.

Our tour starts in Coronado, where you will be picked up at your accommodation. An air conditioned van will drive you to the archeological site and guide you through the museum.

Afterwards, we will make a stop at a beautiful waterfall and have lunch.

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